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Contraction Joints in Residential Concrete Slabs

This article discusses the difference between plain, reinforced and post-tensioned residential slabs, and why the inclusion of contraction joints are required in some cases and highly recommended in all cases.  Learn more about the various topics that influence joint layout for all residential concrete slabs.

Concrete Facts Sprint 2021

Contraction Joints in Residential Slabs Using a New Method.

An article in Concrete Facts, Sprint 2021 (Vol.28-3) discusses the common causes of cracking in concrete, the ACI standards relating to contraction joints, and how the new method of embedding a strip of polymer tape into fresh concrete, like is done by the Trakjoint system is superior to legacy methods of inserting contraction joints in residential slabs.

Control Joints in Residential Post Tension Slabs

Installation of Contraction Joints in Post-Tensioned Slabs-on-Ground In general, contraction joints are not currently used in residential PT slabs. Yet, they should be used to minimize random cracks.  The Post Tensioning Institute endorses the use of joints in PT slabs. A new method of installing contraction joints, which embeds polymer tape into fresh concrete, provides …

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