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“We use Traker® every day. Great tool!”

Denny Janeway
Platinum Construction – Northern California

“Thank you for the fast response and delivery of the new Trak Joint® System we purchased. We learned of Trak Joints® through some of our colleagues and have started using this system. Our crews have picked up and learned how to use them very quickly and the control of the slab cracks has been impressive. Thank you for this awesome product. It has helped make our finish product even better.”

Randy Kashow
Telesis Construction, Inc. – Orangevale, California

“Trak Joints® are great! We no longer have to go back to saw cut joints the next day. Trak Joints® have also eliminated the curling we were getting at the saw cuts. This saves us both time and money”

Joel Stokes
Terry Tuell Concrete, Inc. – Fresno, California

“Muse switched to Trak Joints® because they are easier to install than zip strips and saw cuts.”

Arturo Gomez
Muse Concrete Contractors, Inc. – Redding, California

“Trak Joints® are faster to install than Zip Strips. They also have eliminated the random cracking we would get with Zip Strips”​

Jasper Warren
CVC Construction – Reno, Nevada

“After going through a few growing pains with the Traker,® I must say…I’m impressed! The slabs are cracking much less, which makes our work look much better. Good job making an excellent product.”​

Frank Isaac
West-Cal Concrete – Sacramento, California