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The fastest, most economical, dust-free CONTRACTION JOINT SYSTEM for concrete slabs

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Build a Better Slab

Developed by a team with 50 years of experience in the concrete industry, the Trak Joint® system is faster, safer, and less expensive than conventional methods. One tool completes the entire process, while eliminating the hazards of silica dust. All these advantages at one-fourth the cost of sawcuts.

Minimizes Random Cracks

Joints are installed in fresh concrete, so the occurrence of random cracks is greatly reduced

Installs Faster than Sawcutting

The system offers significant speed and cost advantages over existing methods.

Saves Labor Time and Costs

The Traker® installs contraction joints in slabs-on-ground. No need for a return crew to sawcut slabs.

Prevents Moisture Through Joints

Keeps moisture emissions from contacting floor coverings and rainwater from wetting the subbase.

Trak Joints® vs. Sawcut Joints

Contractors that install Trak Joints® have a competitive advantage with faster installation,  lower costs, a safer process, and fewer callbacks due to random slab cracks.


Faster Installation


Savings in Costs


Silica Dust-Free

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The Trak Joint® system is ideal for residential slabs, small commercial building slabs, utility slabs, farm shed slabs, multifamily housing, strip malls, parking lots, slabs with radiant heat tubes, lean concrete bases, and city and county roads.

Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete

The award-winning Traker® is easy to use and was named one of the “Most Innovative Products” at World of Concrete.